The Mission:

When SolarCoin started, blockchain technology was in its early stages. Several compromises had to be made, such as a large pre-mine. In order to take advantage of advances in blockchain, as well as provide…

SolarCoin started as an idea and a Litecoin fork in 2014. The blockchain ecosystem has improved drastically since then, but the existing SolarCoin wallet software has been left behind. It’s time for a change.

We’re excited to announce that we are migrating to the Energy Web Chain, an Ethereum-based chain…

Why change?

We need to grow the…

Proud to announce the latest exchange to buy, sell, and trade SolarCoin: GRAVIEX! Trade commissions have been reduced to 0.1% for all SLR trading.

GRAVIEX joins Bittrex, Livecoin, Lykke, and CoinExchange as official markets for SolarCoin.

Beginning on Thursday, November 15, at 12PM UTC, the following pairs will be listed:

Nov 1, 2018 — Abu Dhabi

The SolarCoin Foundation PBC has joined the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Coalition for Action, a key international network for the Global Energy Transition.

“By joining the coalition, SolarCoin and IRENA can work more closely in promoting a Solar Economy and to address the…

The SolarCoin foundation has launched a service to reward solar energy home owners with free SolarCoin across 68 countries. Homeowners can now automatically import their data from most of the largest solar platforms and claim their rewards in under 2 minutes.

SolarCoin (SLR) is a free solar energy incentive program…

Originally published 2018–08–07

An independent Legal Firm has rendered an opinion as to whether the SolarCoin token (“SLR”), is likely to be deemed a security under U.S federal securities laws, and whether SLR is subject to regulation as a commodity. While the Security Exchange Commission (“SEC”), a U.S. …

Originally published 2018–07–24

GoldCoast, QLD, Australia on the 24th of July 218

MySolarPay joins the SolarCoin Foundation.

MySolarPay enters the SolarCoin ecosystem as an official affiliate to provide large and small-scale solar asset owners in Australia with the support they need to understand and adopt the SolarCoin Initiative. SolarCoin is…

Originally published 2018–07–18

Switch Energy joins the SolarCoin Affiliate Network to help increase Solar in Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on the 16th of July 2018

Switch Energy announced today its new partnership with the SolarCoin Foundation.

Switch Energy enters the SolarCoin ecosystem as an official affiliate to provide large and…

ModulTrade has signed an agreement with SolarCoin to unite efforts in development of blockchain based trading networks and gain access to users of SolarCoin to ModulTrade products.

The SolarCoin community, with over 9m people across 63 countries, will be able to:

  • trade on MT Market using its escrow functionality and…


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